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This one is gonna be short and sweet – so let us cut to the chase.

Not only is a classic 80’s film coming back to the screen in the form of a sequel, BUT Winona Ryder was the one who confirmed it in the mainstream media. I don’t know about you, but to this day it hurts my pop culture heart that Ryder has been on the fall from grace in the last decade over her personal troubles. She was iconic in the 80’s, and hopefully not another heartbreaking casualty from that decade. If the IMDB bible does not state it, than I cannot repeat it, meaning that I cannot speculate whether any of the original cast will be returning. BUT the films original director, TIM BURTON is going to be back in his chair, doing just that!

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But the only thing more amazing than Ryder possibly reprising one of her many amazing 80’s film roles, is the fact that Alec Baldwin is now funnier than Michael Keaton! How amazing would it be to see them reprise their original roles?

I’ll be all over that news like white on rice, so…WATCH THIS SPACE!