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So, I kept hearing about the opening of Target Stores across Canada, and always felt like I was waiting for it to happen…because I never actually laid eyes on one!

I always love when a popular, and much mocked about chain store from the U.S. decides to include Canadians cousins into its’ “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” realm. Again, being a fan of 80’s movies…I saw a lot of that in movies growing up and developed an inferiority complex as a result. Anywho, back to present day, I never stopped looking forward to checking out Target…BECAUSE I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE. I mean, I HEARD about it being open, and even saw my neighbour come home with some shopping bags with the Target logo on them…but still, it was that out of reach American store mocked in an SNL skit to me. I THINK I actually laid eyes on a target store on my way down Yonge St, during one of my many commutes, but could never quite put my finger on where that was exactly…Centre Point Mall? Never been there.

If you’re wondering what I’m rambling about – it’s this – I SPEND A LOT OF TIME AT THE MALL, various malls at that. I am always checking out different shopping malls and newly developed plaza’s with friends and family. My daughter LOVES the mall, too, it is a great playground for her to cruise around in and people watch. And in the winter time, it is even more so! So, I cannot believe that I never even stumbled upon a Target store this entire summer, and now winter!  Granted, if I was that interested I could’ve Googled it, but that only happens if I have to exchange some equipment with Rogers or something…or if I need to get my hair done. Otherwise, it becomes work and that, my friends, defeats the whole purpose for me.  Heck, I even venture out to Ikea every once in a while, so am not totally bound by the accessibility that a cluster of stores in one location offers.

And speaking of Rogers, I just so happened to be walking into their store (at my local mall) this morning to pick up (and drop off) some equipment. The entire staff of the store was hovered around the TV watching a news report on the disappointing closing sale of Target today. SO, even that was a miss and we all discussed (and agreed) on several reasons why their move north of the border did not take. One of which, was the fact that nobody really knew where they were located, and now we have to put up with the possibility of Nordstroms taking over the spaces soon to be evacuated by Sears in our shopping mall.  We would have much rather had Target come into our shopping mall!  And by “we”. I mean me and all my peeps at my local Rogers store. What about you?