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Can I just say…that I would like to thank the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences ALONG with their Best New Artist of 2015, Sam Smith, for further solidifying my point (please see heading).

Granted – it does sort of feel like every time I turn around, Mary J. Blige is performing at an awards ceremony. The industry just loves her – it’s quite obvious. And if it has to do with anything other than her amazing talent…then I would rather not know. Live and Let Live. That’s all you can do – or if you’re Madonna, you can pick up the slack for Katy Perry’s non symbolic performance. I guess she got the night off after throwing down at the Super Bowl and left the demons to dance on stage with our dear old Madge.

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I am sure all is not what it seems and there is some reverse psychology going on when Madonna does stuff like this…

Real Housewives of Hotlanta

Or should I say, ATL…I have a personal fondness for this acronym as I used to work in communications at an organisation of the same name… In any case, I can never pass up an episode of ANY of the Real Housewives (except for maybe Miami) for any other show – INCLUDING the Grammy’s. And tonight was no exception!  I watched with a bit of sadness, a theme build upon itself with every episode. And Nene Leakes put into words what my mind was suspecting when she was squishing newbie, Claudia Jordan, like the little bug she was! Nene blatantly told Claudia that she wished she had in the bank what Nene had…OUCH. Granted, Claudia DID dare to confront the OG of the show in her first season! And Nene went there…and now I am convinced that there are two teams in the Real Housewives.

Team Cynthia

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Team Nene

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The sad part is that all the girls on Team Cynthia are working actors/models/singers…or whatever and Team Nene is comprised of MOGULS. Nene herself, who I just today saw hocking her new clothing line on The Shopping Channel, is worth over $10 million and her “neutral” cast mate Kandi Burruss is worth about three times that. As for the other two; Phaedra is a mini mogul of a lawyer and Porsha…well let’s face it, the girl has serious street cred.

It’s like the Rich vs. the Not so rich.