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The popculture…okay, I won’t lie, celebrity gossip part of my brain always gets a bit excited whenever Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are photographed together.  This is mainly because…it rarely ever happens! It is a bit painful for me to write this particular post as I think there is enough out there on the Kartrashians, and I am (or at least WAS) a fan of Kanye’s music.

I don’t care enough to go into the reasons why Queen B may keep her, at least public, distance from Kim, but do kinda love the stance she is taking.  I don’t even know why I watch the Kardashians, because I literally do not have much respect for them (outside of their work ethic) and don’t like losing any more brain cells than I already have. Scary.

On top of that, a good friend pointed to something very interesting, after we exhausted every real life subject and forayed into celebrity gossip. She said that, not only has Kanye’s music suffered since the formation of KimYe (okay I said that), but Kim has changed too. I always saw her transformation as par for the course because it’s been happening since day one, but my friend pointed out that it has taken a quantum leap recently.  And under the guidance of Kanye.  It saddens me to acknowledge that YES, her face has changed almost completely and she looks a bit plastic and hardened. The latter could also be due to the fact that she’s married to a mad man? I don’t know, I hope not, man, but it IS a fact that Kim has been posing nude since her marriage – and my friend was bold enough to say that Kanye is “pimping her out”…

It’s all a bit scary to think – and instead of being honoured for his amazing music, Kanye is making a mockery of himself at awards shows…and I’m not just talking about Beck.

He also ripped the E! logo off of his (and likely Kims) mic…Scroll to 4:45 for the story

If you go by the look on her face in both the pic above and the above video…you might think that her system is rejecting certain elements of life in his spotlight. And by the way…did Wendy Williams REALLY refer to Beck as a “new person”???? Really, I get that neither you nor your audience would necessarily be fans of his music, but unless you were living under a ROCK since the 90’s, you would’ve heard about BECK!!! Here is of one of my faves:

As for Kanye West, I personally miss the days when his rants were reserved for his songs:

Cause I always Gotta Tell You something!!