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Patricia Arquette!

Well, my older brother called it again – not directly about the Oscars but about the film Boyhood. It was the only one on the list of nominees that he kept telling me to go see. I haven’t, I’m a real jerk that way and have a 1 year old daughter who I cannot get into any cool movies. So, like Oran “Juice” Jones, I chill…

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Kidding. The reality is that I am a fan of Patricia Arquette’s and have been ever since she took over the reigns as enduring female lead in a Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors. That is actually my favourite of all the Nightmares because there is a certain quality to it – and I think Patricia Arquette was the one who brought it. Now, don’t get me wrong – I will not takeaway from Johnny Depp’s introduction to the big screen in the first one.

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And, I don’t mean to be rude but was that really Rita Ora performing on stage?? At first, I was like who is that Tilda Swinton esque singer they are zeroing in on? Once zoomed in, I realised it was that girl from Drake’s first music video! She’s everywhere, and I have Googled her to see what I missed about this girl…and other than a fantastic year on the charts in the U.K., it seems not much! I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why Rita Ora gets the star treatment. Maybe she sells a lot of tabloids magazines/or in these days I guess it would be generating traffic online. Or maybe she just photographs well? Or, maybe she has simply made a stupendous deal with the devil. I really don’t know. I have not seen any huge impact made by this person with a hit song or anything – yet she enjoys the same opportunities as those artist who have. I just don’t get it. Not being mean, but there are a lot of pretty and talented girls out there. There are also a lot of artists in the U.K. who rule the charts…but that rarely is a direct gateway to success in the U.S. Not, unless that or any other success is accompanied by, or singularly, a breakthrough hit on U.S. charts! I’m also getting a bit tired of Jennifer Hudson. It’s like, what earth shattering thing have you done in film or music really since 2006?  But, I will leave this one alone as she DID win an Oscar in her own right and well, I guess it would make sense to PERFORM at the Oscars.

The process with Rita Ora, however, just doesn’t feel organic.

Also, I haven’t seen American Sniper but heard that some groups are finding racist undertones within it…hey, I really don’t know and am the last to jump on such bandwagons…but, hope that is not the case. It really does look like a cool flick and I am looking forward to checking it out!

Enjoy the rest of the show!