Real Housewives of Atlanta

I checked in with my girls on SLICE tonight, and two things happened that I had already predicted:

  • Roger Bobb officially brushed Kenya off after his girl Demetria’s appearance on the show was signed, sealed and delivered. Played.
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  • Newbie, Claudia Jordan, continues to walk the delusional path and confronted Porsha AGAIN. Stalker alert.
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I throw my hands in the air…and will have more of an update after next week’s episode, for now, we’re gonna head over to Beverly Hills.

Kyle is going out of Style

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At first I thought Brandi was everything that her haters were “branding” her to be (pun intended) but after checking out her Podcast, “Brandi Unfiltered” I am having a slight change of heart. Do I think she did Adrien Maloof dirty? Yes, I do…but she has apologised – at least. And do I think Lisa is a master maneuver-er who Brandi was played by a bit? Yes, I do but I still question her sanity in trying to take her down. I am the first person to stand up for what’s right, and more often than not am reminded by my friends to pick and choose my battles. I think Brandi should’ve done the same thing when she tried to take Lisa on the way she did last season. They started out thick as thieves since she joined the cast and then Brandi turned on her. For these reasons, I did not like Brandi very much, in fact, I couldn’t stand her.

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I don’t any more, and here is the reason why. Her unwavering loyalty to Kim (the real underdog of the entire show since the day it started) AND Yolanda’s unwavering loyalty to her. These two elements have planted seeds with me along with an episode of Brandi’s radio podcast where she discussed all things housewives during her chat with former cast member, Calrton Gebbia. They both expressed their distaste for Kyle – and although I have never met the woman, her antics really do annoy me. She is always bullying Kim, and treats her like a poor relation.

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She also does really stupid little things that make my skin crawl like chew-her-food-real-fast and march instead of walk and in a split second squish her lips together after applying lipstick, or whatever. What is even MORE interesting is that Brandi stated on her podcast that Kyle was not present at her sister Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party. Hmmm…this reminds me of the time that Kathy Hilton skipped Kyle’s party for her daughter Farah, as well. And to add fuel to the fire, in the most recent episode of RHOBH, Kathy Hilton actually accompanies Kim and Brandi to Lisa’s birthday party. Hmmm…I’m wondering if she was there as a buffer or to protect Kim from Kyle? And ironically enough, Kyle was on her best behaviour as opposed to the week prior when all she did was confront Kim and Brandi, yell at Kim and give her the middle finger, and kick them out of the party. I don’t like her. She is not improving with age – Lisa Vanderpump on the other hand, oh my goodness. This woman is better looking today than she was in the 80’s…trust me, I know, I’m an 80’s Queen.

And didn’t my 80’s heart just bleed when I saw a clip of Lisa Vanderpump, herself, blowing kisses in the music video for ABC’s hit song “Poison Arrow”…

First Kyle is the one in the John Carpenter classic, Halloween (which I really used to respect her for…but now that has faded). And now, Lisa of all people was in a music video for ABC?! I was still blasting their music in the car in the late 90’s, and just so you know, this is no cameo. She runs the show in this video and if I ever get the opportunity, I will have as long a conversation as possible with the woman about what it was like to be in the thick of things in London in a big pop band’s music video in the 80’s! Oh, you might as well shoot that poison arrow now…cause my heart can’t take anymore of this.

And, here is my personal fave…