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Now, you know that I had tonnes to say about the Real Housewives, tonight, but another story got my attention – for today. This one is gonna be short and sweet: unlike the subject of this piece.

My goodness, before today I had never heard of the tiny little terror with the last (and fake) name Kills or her husband, Willy Wonka, I mean Willy Moon. Sorry, her unique and integral hairstyle threw me off. Why am I (and Ellie Goulding, and Lorde, and many more) hating on her? Just keep reading (and clicking)…

I am not, however, unaware that there are plenty of famous and successful artists around the world whom we (in North America) are unfamiliar with. I believe I can be quoted on Facebook saying something along the lines that 30 million views of your video means the world is vaguely familiar with your song. That was a reality check more than a jab…obviously, I’m not a monster after all but this girl, who is famous in her own right, and region, is!!

Step 1: WATCH THIS VIDEO  (you will not regret it)

Step 2: READ THIS ARTICLE (and Google away, afterward)

Step 3: CLICK ON THESE LINKS (and read the comments – they’re everywhere)



And, now you know how I spent my time in between appointments all day :).

You also now know what ego mania and both superiority and inferiority complexes, or plain boredom look like. I mean, like what else could’ve provoked these two promising young adults to literally ravage an innocent?

Any who, society is responding accordingly except that a **** like her is probably HOPING (because there is no life without hope) to spin all of this extra attention around – and into her favour. And extra attention, indeed, as I personally have been captivated by the drama all morning. I also am now familiar with her terribly unique and integral work…Smh.

What do you think of all this?