It has been a couple of episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta since we last spoke, but their patterns have not faltered. It will therefore be easy to bring each other up to speed, and here we go! The last two episodes have been quite eventful, and my initial impressions of the ladies has only been confirmed (in my mind, that is). As a result, I have compiled a list of the Top 5 twists and/or turns which have taken place on the show, since we last connected:


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Cynthia (quite blatantly) repeated a rumour about Phaedra cheating on her husband, Apollo, that she heard from her husband. All I have to say is shame on you Cynthia! Even the housewives of New Jersey know better than to repeat a rumour. And, not only did she REPEAT it, but she did so at a dinner with both Team Nene and Team Cynthia present! On top of that she had the audacity, or maybe stupidity, to actually defend her actions to Phaedra as not having ill intent. Now you know where the stupidity part comes in as how could anyone play something like that off as coming from a good placeÉ


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Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, I am simply REPEATING what I heard on the recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice. The original source was Vivica A. Fox and she was referring to her her shared suspicion that Kenya actually stole her phone and tweeted on her account. I wont go into that much more, here, but you get the picture and Ms. Moore hasn’t done much in Atlanta to deflect from that accusation. What she HAS done is add fuel to the fire by jumping on the bandwagon during that fateful dinner and accusing Phaedra of sleeping with a man named Chocolate. Needless to say, Phaedra did not react too lightly and almost beat Kenya with a purse. She didn’t, of course, cause she is a lawyer and not as stupid as Cynthia. I’m sorry Cynthia, but what you did was dumb dumb dumb. Period. And your reasons for doing so, nothing but suspect.


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Maybe I’m jumping the gun here, but it was Cynthia’s husband Peter who gleefully shared the rumour about Phaedra with his wife. And it was Apollo himself who STARTED the rumour, and about the mother of his two children on the eve of his incarceration. If you ask me, Phaedra can do what she likes as the (ahem) MAN she married is going to prison for eight years and “breaking up her family”. Also, Kandi’s husband Todd is already showing signs of disinterest in his wife in the bedroom. They have only been married for six months, so it does not add up.


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I gotta say, it is amazing to me that the more successful women on the show are the stronger in character, in my opinion. And, Kandi is NO EXCEPTION. If she was in any, way, shape or form delusional in hooking up with or marrying the men she does; she is proving to be anything but now that the stakes have gone up. Kandi has not only called her newly wed husband for his lack of presence in the bedroom, but has enrolled them in marriage counselling. Good for you, girl! She has also made it painfully clear that her finances are a separate matter, which is a good thing considering she’s worth A LOT.


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Now, how can anyone in their right mind defend Team Cynthia as the victims of anything when they are CONSTANTLY ruminating about the members of Team Nene. When they are not obsessing about the past, present or lack of a future with the members of Team Nene, they are blatantly attacking them (see #2). In a nutshell, my girl Kandi Burruss put it bluntly in tonight’s episode when she said “I don’t know why Claudia cares so much”  after Claudia confronted Nene yet again. The woman has apologised to you, so be a woman and MOVE ON and get over the fact that they are just not that into you.

Let’s hope that the group counselling Ms. Nene set up will do all of the ladies some good and bring the truth home!