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If you read my first article on Whole Foods (see Features) you already know that I am your average everyday Mom to a toddler (omigosh, she was just a baby yesterday!!) and spend a lot of time at Whole Foods. So what? Well, I manage to do so without spending my whole pay check, that’s what! And although it is extremely easy to spend $20 on lunch (in the Hot Bar), I manage to get away with a fraction of that! Here’s how…

Pizza, and other assorted melted cheese pastries
Pizza, and other assorted melted cheese pastries…

For a start, a slice of very richly topped, and freshly made pizza is a whopping $4, and there are usually tasty samples on the counter for you try while deciding which one to have! It gets even better, as there are tasty little cheese pies (pictured) which are only $3! Beat that, No Frills…kidding, I obviously love No Frills.

Affordable and nutritious pre packaged lunch boxes

Next stop! The assorted lunch boxes…whether you are in the mood for a (delicious and generous) sandwich, wrap, or a mix of fruits, veggies, cold cuts, cheese and crackers – you are not going to spend more than $4.99.

Mix and match any and all items available on the lunch menu for only $3 a piece!
Mix and match any and all items available on the lunch menu for only $3 a piece!

No, your eyes are not fooling you, most everything on this rack is $3!!! Talk about lunch for three bucks, three bucks, three bucks. Well, it is actually 2 for $6, but you are not obliged to buy more than one item. I have been known to pop in and grab a beautiful salad that is adorned with walnuts and goats cheese and cranberries (yum). I usually accompany it with an Ener-C packet (pictured below) that dissolves nicely into a cup of filtered water, that is provided in the cafe at no cost.

If you are popping in for a coffee in the morning (they are only $1.75) and feeling peckish, or want to get a quick snack for your kid…the bakery is the place to go! Now, there definitely ARE gourmet items for $20 (yes, there are) but if you look closely, you could get away with spending LESS THAN $3!! Take a look…

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the most delectable assortment of pastries and scones! OH, AND THEY ARE ALL UNDER $3
Muffins, muffins, and more Muffins - for just a little over $2
Muffins, muffins, and more muffins – for just a little over $2
Miss Mia can't keep her hands off them!
Miss Mia can’t keep her hands off them!
Are you sitting down? Bagels are 99 cents!!!! And cookies are a little over $1!!!! My daughter loves them…
Always the best beverage option - outside of coffee in the morning and of course good old fashioned water :)
Always the best beverage option for only 69 cents!!!!

You see? Whole Foods IS for everyone, not just the insanely rich…don’t be afraid to check it out if you already haven’t. I highly recommend it…