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And then we’ll get to the Housewives and maybe the Kardashians…after you tell me whatchu talkin about, Willis?

I personally stopped watching dramas after the 80’s.  Yes, it’s true!! It was a case of too much too soon and now most everything is ruined for me. I was the kid who, while packing lunches for me and my brothers, sat in the basement with my Mom watching her shows. I was all about Dallas, Knotts Landing, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Hart to Hart, Knight Rider…you name it! And, of course, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless were on my lunchtime menu. It felt like just yesterday when me and my friends would run home at lunch and watch them.

I’m afraid the same goes for sitcoms…I don’t watch them as my palette was satiated in the 80’s. The only ones that have made their way through my radar since my childhood are Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, and Big Bang Theory…oh and Scrubs…cute show.

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