Nene Leakes

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I am sad to say that this was not a good week for the platinum goddess, as she was bombarded at group counselling by Team Cynthia AND Kandi. The neutral one. Mmmm Hmmm…

Verdict: Losing

Phaedra Parks

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Cold hearted Phaedra (at least that’s what Team Cynthia would like us to think) finally got to have a heart to heart with Kandi about their fizzling friendship. She also got treated to a home made meal by Porsha and special visit by Nene – all in the name of sisterly love. You go girls, cause I am down for Ms. Parks any day of the week.

Verdict: Winning

Camille Grammer

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Okay, I know she’s not on the show anymore but she’s dating a Danish Prince! She may just top herself if this goes anywhere!

Verdict: Definitely winning

Kyle Richards

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Congratulations, Kyle, your sister Kathy Hilton has finally showed up to one of your events with Paris and Nicky!  This is a coup compared to past seasons when they sent gifts and made apologetic phone calls instead. Good thing we won’t have to endure another crying fit from Ms. Richards. I also love how Kathy seems to keep a watchful, maybe even protective eye over Kim…probably from Kyle! I’m just not a fan.

Verdict: Winning…I guess

Brandi Glanville

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It almost feels inappropriate to mention, but if they are including it in the show, then I guess I can here. Unfortunately Brandi’s beloved father has fallen ill to a chronic heart condition and is in hospital…poor Brandi. She also has to deal with Kyle spreading to Kim the fact that she admitted Kim needed an intervention – after being badgered by Lisa Rinna. Oh, and her attempts to rekindle her friendship with Vanderpump have yet again proven to be futile.

Verdict: Temporarily losing

As for everyone else, they seem to be laying low and going with the flow…until next time!

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