Oh boy, I gotta write this a SECOND time, FROM my cellphone ’cause I just got it like that.

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In anycase, I just wanted to say that tonight’s reunion episode was uneventful. In a word. I saw much more interesting tom foolery in my Twitter trolling this morning. No, I am not a troll and have never spread hatred online. Maybe just slight innuendo of mocking bemusement. Is that a word?

Any who,  not too too much occurred on tonight’s episode other than a united front of extreme contempt and judgement against Brandi. This was courtesy of Team Kyle…whose disdain for Brandi is going out of style…you like what I did there? I mean, come on maybe’s, I mean ladies. You were on the offensive the whole time and laid it on really thick. So hateful and really looking like you were trying to squash poor Brandi like a bug. So what if she tells you to eff off once in a while or goes all street on your ass when she’s pissed. She’s got an edge. Who cares. Has she killed anyone? Stolen from anyone? Cheated with any of your husband’s (I mean, just look at Ken…he’s bloody irresistible)?

Here is another, more colourful, take on the reunion and everything leading up to it from Reality Tea.

It’s exactly what Yolanda said…she was not going to throw Brandi out like she’s trash. It’s sad to see that good people like Yolanda suffer so much. The biggest heartbreak about the show was Yolanda’s state of health and that she had to leave early. Poor girl – send her some Twitter love @YolandaHFoster…feel better soon, Yolanda!

As for Hotlanta? The jury’s still out so stay tuned till next week’s episode…I know I am!