Ok, I’m just gonna get right into it.

These women are crazy (and a bit scary)…like who breaks a glass at a dinner table? Are the producers of these shows setting this up? First, Lisa Rinna wilfully dashes a glass on a table and points it at Kim. And THEN, Claudia literally smashes a wine glass while clinking it with her fork…in a bid to bring the room under control. I mean, how far are we away from that broken glass at a dinner table getting slashed across someone’s face?!?

I think they are going too far with the volatility.

Also, I am seeing another side of Kandi…I don’t know if it’s because she’s “going through stuff” and that is bringing out her not so strong side. But the girl is teetering between the two camps and acting like a bit of a loser about it – she also started snoring during a yoga class. The jury is momentarily out…

And, Cynthia, your “break up” with Nene seems to have affected your psyche…and your soul. For instance: she ACTUALLY got jealous when Claudia bonded with Phaedra! You could see the scorn on her face and she herself admitted it from her lips! She’s also going to be on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, supporting Kenya, next week! Is that crazy?  No, just an FYI since we’re on the topic of Cynthia (eyeroll).

Why do I even record these shows? Because a) I enjoy them and b) they just go to show that money, fame and/or beauty neither buys happiness nor sanity!


* updated for grammatical errors on 13 April 2015