SO, as you may know I celebrated my birthday this past Thursday in the presence of several works by the late Jean-Michel Basquait. It was wonderful. And the celebration (of my birthday) did not stop there…although the entire affair was pretty low key and down to earth – I did manage to stretch the festivities across three days!  That’s how I do, and why I refer to my birthday as my Birth Week. That’s something I cleverly came up with in my teens, and have had no reason to look back! 🙂 Here are a few snapshots into my wonderful, low key week that was enjoyed with close friends and family:

I got to wear pearls to the Exhibit!
I got to wear pearls to the exhibit!
Pizza, cupcakes and a toddler play date accompanied by close family and friends!
And a fancy lunch with my Dad and Brother! Still need to get to those leftovers!

ALSO…Kim Richards has landed herself in some pretty hot water!!  See the media fire storm for yourself…



Daily Mail

And don’t forget to check the Twitter reactions of her (soon to be former?) cast mates!

More from me on Tuesday following the finale of the Reunion!