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I just want to say first off about the ladies of NYC that I find it fabulous that Bethenny is the Uber star of the show from the Promo Get Go.

Aviva is also gone…for now…and thanks in part to Team Heather LOVES Team Carole to the ends of the earth. I heard they all refused to film with Aviva, so the producers hands were pretty much tied. Yes, Aviva really crossed the line with Carole, but I still do hate it when it becomes a gang up situation. Carole was a big girl last season, just like she is this year and didnt need Heather to Hollaaa on her behalf. And I look forward to another season of (ahem) Kristen…

ALSO, after all the hoo haa over Bruce Jenners interview with Diane Sawyer, we had ANOTHER unexpected uber interview take place – and the TOP NEWS STORY spot on People.com: