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Yes, it’s true…there is a new App available to residents of Ontario, to help them take charge of their risk of, and potential exposure to, CANCER. By simply providing a basic background of your lifestyle, family, medical and personal history, you will be provided with the following:

* personal cancer risk profile

* learn what increases or decreases your risk of cancer

* develope a preventative plan to minimize your risk of cancer

And if you’re wondering what the medical profession thinks of MyCancerIQ.ca,  you don’t have to as the site allows you to print a report! Any health care provider would be able to review it with you…

This is literally hot of the presses and I could not wait to share the information with you. I am going to check out MyCancerIQ.ca and let you know how it goes…hope you will too!!


Note: Updated with above image on 1st May 2015