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Oh man am I gonna miss these girls! I guess there won’t be much to say until the Reunion,  except the obvious:

* Nene is a Broadway star in the making

* Kenya will need all the luck she can get during Pilot Season!

* There is something really wrong with the Kandi and Phaedra…and Nene picture (probably something to do with Kandi Koated  nights with Todd)

* The men are a big question mark on this show…yeah I’m looking at you, Peter! What a Gwan?

* Annnnnd, Claudia is a stalker (of Nene)

Nene put it quite bluntly when she said that those ladies (aka Team Cynthia) are just trying to dim her light so that theirs can shine more brightly.

All I can say is Go Team Nene. And for what it’s worth, I don’t find Nay Nay to be low as much as I find her to be hilarious. I mean, come on, is she ever NOT on point?

Now, I’m gonna go and enjoy tonight’s episode…


Note: Updated to include image on 4 May 2015