is actually BETTER un-toasted ;)
Psst…it is actually BETTER un-toasted đŸ˜‰

I was going to write a posting about all of the latest headlines I came across today – as I had come across quite a few attention grabbers. As I was logging into my account, I was also munching on a plain old cheese sandwich…with plain old white bread and plain old processed cheese. I also had one for breakfast. I have an oversupply of both, for some reason (white bread and processed cheese – that is) and have been trying to incorporate them into my mealtimes. Only because I hate to waste food (we will get to that in a future post!) and want them out of my sight to be honest with you.

I am fully aware that white bread went OUT with the eighties and am all about the whole grain and various other healthy varieties of bread out there. I also usually consume those exclusively, and white bread not at all. At the SAME TIME, however, I would separate baked goodies from bread MEANING that I will TREAT myself to a pastry or muffin but consume whole grain bread as part of a healthy and nutritious meal.

In case you are wondering what I am getting at…it is quite simply this. My experience of a sandwich made with sweet, fluffy, melt in your mouth PLAIN OLD white bread has been so satiating that there has been no need for dessert! White bread is often referred to as The Devil…but I beg to differ and counter that with the motto: All Things in Moderation. I have also checked the nutritional values of my plain old loaf of no name white bread – AND IT HAS LOTS OF NUTRIENTS! I, therefore, suggest incorporating it into your meals. It cancels out cravings for baked goods (because of its sweet, soft, melt-in-your-mouth fluffiness) is delicious, and very affordable.

Hey, just try giving it a go and kill two birds with one stone!

And I just tried it with a bit of Kraft peanut butter. OH MY GAWD.