I couldn’t think of a better way to let you know about the efforts of a group of local Muslim women to engage, interact, and create ties to the community. I have attended a couple of their events, which were brimming with hospitality, GREAT FOOD, gifts, and fascinating information. I was pretty much ignored during these two events, because their attention always seemed to be focused on making the “outsider” of the group feel welcome. By outsider, I mean non-Muslim, non-Asian, non-middle eastern ladies who decided to stop by out of SHEER CURIOSITY…and GREAT FOOD.

I observed the “sisters”, as they refer to themselves (and everyone else) simply trying to make a connection with members outside their circle. They feel misrepresented in society. Lots of Muslims do…that probably doesn’t shock you.

In any case, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone (a practice I am becoming increasingly fond of) and let the ladies local to Toronto know about a Computer Workshop they are promoting.

Here is the Flyer:

Computer Skills Workshop- Flyer- 2

And here is a link to the Registration Form:


They have also promoted shared celebrations of bi-annual Islamic holiday, EID, and various Women’s Day events.

Keep up the good work, ladies!!