Hi, Guys!

I know it’s been a while since we last connected, and rather sporadic lately, so apologies are on me.

I have been delightfully busy with all things life, school, work and play. Not to mention my two year old daughter who trumps all of these things.

I am happy to report that I am sitting here in a downtown cafe, waiting for the rain to stop. Granted, I do know that Canadian (or Torontonian) rain can be relentless and not the 20 minute kind. Blame the my inner Brit whose first experience of independent city life came from London Town. Over there the sun and rain take 20 minute shifts whenever they fancy. Just the other day, an old colleague/friend of mine posted a photo of an extremely ominous sky on her way to work.

We exchanged several comments, only for her to follow it up with a perfectly sunny photo on the very same day. Check out the pics (and her descriptions) for yourself…

“Walked across Waterloo bridge to work this morning, stormy skies, still hoping the sun wins through…” Cara Griffith

Amazing, isn’t it?

“It is now… gorgeous day 🙂 x” Cara Griffith

All in the same day!