It has been a fruitful summer on my part – I completed my second course at U of T towards the Digital Strategy and Communications certificate. It was amazing and I learned a lot. Our instructor taught in a style that was very inclusive of his audience…or students, if you will… We were never spoken down to but conversed with while given a window into his mind. I received a good 10% less than I hoped on my first assignment, but proud of that grade as it was hard earned. As the course progressed, so did I and ended up with a great mark. I also appreciated greatly that our instructor would dock us marks where we were lacking but also wasn’t afraid of giving full marks where we excelled. I mean, how many University classes do you see taking voluntary class pictures at the end?

20150730_211718 (1)

I’ve also been able to get involved with a couple of events via The River Park Social Committee in the condominium complex I live in. We held a Summer Social and BBQ Event in August and lucky enough to get support from Panera Bread Co. and Whole Foods Unionville!  They not only provided tasty treats for residents to enjoy but also threw in a couple of gift cards for lucky prize winners to take home. Check out the pics below!

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