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The Prime Minister has resigned in tears, the pound has plummeted to a 31 year low, the overarching DOW is down over 500 points, and the world’s media is at a standstill…what is going on with Britain?

I’ve spent many years working and studying in London and always felt a resistance to fully adopting their membership in the European Union. One example of this was that anyone I ever spoke to was totally against abandoning the British pound at the time when the Euro currency was established. This could’ve just been down to the fact that the pound was and still is worth a lot more (forget about today). There was also the common place sneers between France and Britain – something I chalked up to neighbourly ribbing. There are a lost worse neighbouring nations in the world whose tensions are so bad that they not only lead to all out war and genocide but pose a serious threat to world peace. Britain and France? Comedic ribbing on your favourite late night talk show…similar to that of two siblings…or cousins.

Will this move make matters worse and increase tensions and bad feeling in the continent?

Will it lead to further dissension by neighbouring nations within Britain (yes, there are three countries within Britain) or across Europe?

And worse, will it segment and divide the people of Britain?

Europe, which now does not include Britain, is a terribly civilised and peaceful continent while being the most diverse. I am all for Britain having their own cultural identity – but I don’t think that was ever affected by the EU.

Check out what some of my friends from had to say about the issue – with Londoners on one end and Suburbans on the other!

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Let’s just hope this move by Britain does not help support Donald Trump’s message. If the U.S. shocks the world, the same way Britain has…then God help us all. I personally think he should just stick to opening up new hotels and golf courses .

Here are some additional insights into today’s shocking move by Britain:

National Security and Intelligence

One of the areas that will not likely be affected is the intelligence and security relationships that Britain has in place with its’ top allies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. In fact, it is the EU who has been benefiting from the UK sharing that info with them, which includes watch lists, flight lists. It should also be noted that Non-EU countries have always been party to such arrangements so it will likely be a seamless transition when it comes to intelligence sharing.


I wish I could say the same for the Stock Markets which are continuing to plummet, as London is essentially the financial epicentre of Europe…well, not today that is. The British pound alone has reacted to Britain’s mass Brexodus  with a 31 year low. On a brighter note, some say that although the markets have had a knee jerk reaction, it is nothing near a crash and according to most analysts, a very temporary thing. Check out this article from CNN for a bit more information on the topic.

Britain Stronger in Europe

Celebrities like David Beckham, who enjoyed sojourns across Europe during his highly lucrative Soccer (ahem, Football) career and author/billionaire J.K. Rowling have been vocal members of the “Remain” campaign. Prime Minister Cameron’s “Britain Stronger in Europe” campaign chief, Moray MacLennan, who is also the worldwide chief executive of M&C Saatchi had a stronger and more positive outlook on the dismal result:

“When you get a setback you have to look for the opportunity,” he added. “We have to embrace the change and look for good to come out of it. It will be very important to maintain good relations with Europe.”

President Obama warned the UK about leaving the EU stating that it would be pushed “to the back of the queue” in the trading process with the U.S.

And here’s what Secretary of State and Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, had to say about today’s result:

“Our first task has to be to make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in America,”

Is she referring to Trump supporters?

God Save the Queen.


NB. Social Media comments by local Canadians that were previously included in this article have now been removed