I don’t know about you, but I need to have at least three days a week when I can look forward to vegging out to the latest episode of my favourite reality TV show. And the recent Season change up at the Real Housewives franchise did not disappoint!

Now I’m Blubbering

First there was Potomac who I gave a chance to and did not regret…and also grew accustomed to it’s spot on my Sunday night TV “watch list”. I can really only handle one movie and a show or two shows and PERHAPS an episode of Forensic Files or the tail end of the First 48 – so the “Last 24” if you will. Not to be mistaken with the hit show 24 starring one of my FAVOURITE actors Of-All-Time, Keifer (Canadian Hollywood Royalty) Sutherland. I did not actually WATCH even one episode of the show – cause I really don’t follow many story lines – but whatever, that’s another topic for another day.

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As for the Housewives, they always have two or three series (or cities) running at the same time, for our viewing pleasure and of course, domination of the reality TV world. I mean, they keep adding cities. This year it was Potomac (and Dallas), which in the TV spots looked ridiculous and uninteresting…but, of course, I gave it a chance because I have never been disappointed. I do have my favourites, but none that I totally write off. Even if I have NEVER heard of the city before in my life and, like everyone else thought “where?”…but trusted that Mr. Cohen and his team know what the heck they are doing and know how to pick em. And I was right. Potomac was great – a wealthy ridiculous and very bubble-esque suburb in Maryland – where all the rich and powerful people of Washington, D.C. live. Because Maryland borders with Washington state so it’s not that big of a commute…in case you were wondering.

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And like every other franchise of The Real Housewives – and most cities in general – they think that they are a unique centre point where the world’s finest “whine” and dine. And they make us think it too.  That’s what I love about this franchise. And I am also becoming more and more starstruck by Andy Cohen to the point where I am totally distracted by him at the Reunion shows, and not the women who think it is THEIR world exists that at the very centre of the Universe. But it’s actually all about Mr. Cohen, at the end of they day. Let’s face it.

Potomac, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills just ended their seasons and left a momentary lag in my TV vegging routine, but just momentary as it has now been filled with the new seasons of Orange County and New Jersey!

Woo Hoo.

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These are the two most painful series to watch, because I just hate it when one person is left out and ganged up on which is kind of the case with longest standing housewife, Vicki Gunvalson of RHOC (Orange County) and newly sprung Teresa Giudice of RHONJ (New Jersey).

I must also make mention of my FAVOURITE series, and city, of them all NEW YORK! By far, the best of them all and also hot on on the heels of it’s recent season debut. The sad thing is, that once I get comfortable with a season and all of it’s characters and drama – it ENDS! And that’s precisely when Andy steps in and takes over in (hopefully three) Housewives Reunion episodes.

It’s almost too painful to watch…Almost. And I have to be honest – I am not into Miami AT ALL. Tried to watch an episode, couldn’t take it, haven’t looked back. But I LOVED and miss Vancouver AND heard that my hometown, Toronto, will be coming out with a series soon! That should be hilarious.

That’s it for now, but I did have an interesting experience at the newly opened Saje store in town and can’t wait to share it with you all once I see how it all turns out!

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Note: This article has been edited for accuracy, updates and grammar on 13.07.2016