As some of you might know, I am transitioning back to working full time (slowly but surely) after embracing a super extended maternity leave. There is a story behind all of that – but that’s another blog article for another time. As for here and now, you might also already know that I currently live in my hometown of Markham, Ontario and that I moved back here to be closer to family (blah blah blah). What you might NOT know is that Markham is No Town…but has blossomed into a metropolis – and even in the process of building it’s very own downtown. I also currently live in the heart of it, and will tell you about some of the latest, and pretty amazing developments coming up here.

Why am I even talking about this, you might wonder? WELL, it goes back to my opener about transitioning back to full time work. (Yes, I did actually mention it for a reason, and it was not just another one of my blubberings 🙂 ).Reason all of this is linked together here, and for me personally, is that I am not sure I want to stay in Markham, and have been pondering different neighbourhoods in Toronto. Nothing has gripped me, in terms of another neighbourhood, but there are a lot of reasons I kinda want to move on from Markham. Some of these have to do with location, even though the roads built here and public and Go transit is awesome. Other reasons have to do with wanting change, as I had not planned to stay here forever and literally came back for hands on help with my infant daughter, who is now three, and a year away from JK *sniff*. And another reason has to do with local culture – do I love it or hate it? My impression changes daily, and is fuelled by the fact that I will have access to a lot more people and places in Toronto. The prices in my specific area are also ridiculous, making the move back to Toronto a more of a logical choice. But for some reason, it is just not sticking with me…yet?

Remington Contemporary Art Gallery

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Maybe I’m getting old (well, I am – we all are) but I haven’t given up on anything, especially life, and my comfort here in Markham has little to do with settling down or being stagnant. There is never a shortage of things to do for leisure and lots of buzz and energy everywhere you go. The amenities that are popping up (almost on a daily basis) here in Markham are also stunning and entertaining, whether it’s the shopping, restaurants, parks, outdoor events or just the local coffee haunts. The newest Cineplex Cinemas Markham is no exception, and just down the road from my building. It is also sitting on a corner surrounded by several brand new condominiums, restaurants, cafe’s, GOLF TOWN…aaaaand, the future Markham campus of York University! It’s gonna get crazy around here, that’s for sure (which is both a plus and minus for me) and after visiting the complex, and chatting with some of staff, I learned of the unseen plans in place for this area. And they are going to be stunning.

I will reveal each step in upcoming blog posts, and as the information becomes more readily available, but can tell you now that the stunning complex within which the new Cineplex sits in is just the start of things. And what a start it is.  First of all, it and the various shops and vendors surrounding it, sit INSIDE the space officially designated as The Remington Contemporary Art Gallery (RCAG). This space is AMAZING and brought to life by breath taking, imaginative and thought provoking works of art, created by artists from Canada, the U.S., Serbia, and the U.K. I have included my own snap of the painting called “Polychromatic Beams” by U.K. Artist, Nick Walker (above). If you want to take in the rest of the amazing works (there are five) and find more information, just go to the official website to check them out, and also their Underground Art.

But don’t worry, I do have a treat for you that I am going to quickly sign off with. The RCAG is not just filled with amazing works of contemporary art, or granite floor tiles imported directly from Portugal, but also these amazing metallic (and handcrafted) life size animals. Or very close to life size, I’m sure. I don’t have much more information on these sculptures, or should I say “critters” hanging about the complex…but I do have pictures. Lots of ’em…check it out.

Talk about eye catching and entertaining for the kids…and the adults of course, as we have already been there more than a few times for lunch, coffee, and a movie! They have also just built the Pride of Canada Carousel across the road from the RGAC, which is hand crafted and cost a staggering $15 million to construct! I will be dedicating the next post about Downtown Markham to it…with lots of pics and information. And it’s an actual carousel that kids (and adults?) can ride for $2…that’s all I know right now. More info tbp.

So, I guess I kinda do like living here in (ahem) DOWNTOWN Markham. I don’t know why, I just do. I am also terribly comfortable here, and always breathe a relaxing sigh of relief when I cross into York Region after spending time in Toronto. It’s just a beautiful place to live, with brand new everything and a far cry from the farmland it was when I was growing up. Migration, investment, immigration, and population growth has brought about a lot of changes, and more and more people are making the commute to T.O.

Maybe I can too…a lady’s entitled to  change her mind and who knows what the future might bring?