Screenshot (90)TIFF recently announced their first ever Shorts Festival, which is basically a digital competition where aspiring or even established filmmakers can post a short film with the hashtag #TIFFxInstagram. Once doing so, and after completing the relevant forms to enter the competition , you would be entered in the competition.

I have seen comments about a possible extension for the entries on Instagram but so far have heard nothing beyond the deadline of midnight  on July 20th. Don’t worry though, because you can always enter in next years competition if you’re interested and take a leaf from the finalist entries this year…

Who will be judging the entries you might ask? Well, the list of names is quite impressive and comprised of well known actors and filmmakers (who are all on Insta, of course):

Bollywood (and Hollywood) Starlet, Priyanka Chopra @priyankachopra

Actor Extraordinairre, James Franco @jamesfrancotv

Documentary Film Maker, and Oprah favourite, Ava DuVernay @directher

French Canadian Actor, Director and Screenwriter, Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan

Supertalented Cinematographer (The Fault in Our Stars), Ben Richardson @benrichardson

Director/Photographer (Zain Malik), NABIL @nabildo


Illustrator, Animator & Storyteller, Rachel Ryle @rachelryle

For those of you who missed out this year, you can switch your research gears on and check out the finalists, who will be on display on Instagram from August 8 to 17.

As for the winners, they will be announced on August 18th, which probably means that your comments and feedback (and likes) the week of August 8 – 17 will influence that decision. It would have an impact in any case, as everyone has a voice in social media which basically democratises EVERYTHING, including a closed judge’s panel…

So put your research caps on, and check out the TIFFxInstagram digital competition on August 8th!

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Happy Film-Making (or Planning),


Note: This article was edited on 29-07-2016 to list Rachel Ryle in Judge’s panel