2016-08-02 19.08.16

So, in a bid to eat more fruits and vegetables, I decided to try a new salad dressing…Asian Sesame by Kraft (shout out). I spotted it while whizzing past a column of food aisles on my way out of Walmart (second shout out).

I hoped that this supposedly rich new flavor would zest up a healthy salad that, dare I say, replaces a meal. I THEN saw quite clearly on the label that it had a dual purpose – and moonlights as a STIR FRY sauce. Hmm…this is very exciting to me, as I have been known to double up a variety of condiments as cooking sauces or seasonings (like ketchup, mustard, plum sauce, relish etc etc). So either Kraft’s marketing dept has wisened up to that game…or this truly is a unique salad dressing.

I put it to the test:

Had on a home made basic garden salad w/ red lettuce and tomatoes and it was SO filling that I couldn’t eat anything else.

A couple of nights later, I tried it on some grilled chicken…and it didn’t taste that good.

To be continued…

QS2016-08-02 19.08.16