I cannot tell you how many emails the vibrant team at STC sent out regarding the highly anticipated #TASTEMRKT. For months and months there have been partitioned pathways in the upper level food court, while the new area was being prepared. Big plans is the message that was being sent out to mall rats and shoppers alike…and the unveiling finally came today. I had already planned to work from home today, coincidentally enough, and decided to have my lunch at STC. And I did just that while checking out the new #TASTEMRKT which seems to have been in the works for as long as I can remember.

20160804_115110-1IT WAS PACKED. I was barely able to find a parking spot in the mall in general; something I didn’t expect at 11:00 am on a Thursday…

When I got inside the mall, it was pretty much empty with a a sparse sighting here and there of people walking about and shopping. So, I made my way to the #TASTEMRKT from the lower level of the mall, where I parked (avoiding the Sun). I didn’t even know at that point whether this new arena would be on the upper or lower level, or both, as previously the food court was split between the two. Before I knew it, I saw an elegant sign (pictured above) that read “TASTEMRKT” – the spelling alone filled me with even more anticipation. As I approached, I expected to see a lot more beautiful signage, but didn’t beyond a few “Trays” signs telling people where to drop off their trays. Right?? And to be fair, the design of each fast food counter was also customised with linear signage (pictured above).

Beyond that – it was just a big ole’ oval shaped arena bordered by any and every fast food chain you could think of.  I don’t know what kinds of events the STC has planned for that space in the future but today it was jam packed and SO noisy that I lost my hearing temporarily.

Oh – and the crowd also explained all of the cars parked in the mall parking lots.

That’s all for now – I came, I saw, I wrote.

Until next time when I’ll let you know about V-logging sensation, and now Smashbox Cosmetics It-girl, Lilly Singh‘s visit to Sephora this Friday.