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And we have called a truce.

I am actually kidding; and was cool with them this entire time…I just expected A LOT better from an in-store customer service perspective. I’m not saying that I want amazing treatment everytime I walk into a store, but what happened there was out of this world – and not a good way.

An Isolated Incident

But let’s move past that and fast forward to today, when I can say that it seems to have been an isolated incident, not because the same staff member behaved any differently (because I have not seen her since) but because I have not had that experience with ANYONE ELSE.


20160810_103233-1I have been back to the store a few times, especially after being in touch with them after the incident, but also because I simply cannot resist checking out their product! Before receiving anything from them in the mail, I went in to see if there was anything I could try to make me feel better. Because I always want to feel better…don’t you? Among many other things like headaches, muscle aches, stress, etc…I have had the worst pain in my pinky finger, as if I sprained it while sleeping. I did NOT expect to find anything in Saje for that…but it turns out I found the most unlikely remedy in the form of a relax-O-ring reflexology brass massage ring! And it only cost $5.95…so I bought it!

All you need to do is roll it up and down your fingers to “influence and stimulate your organs”! Apparently, each finger connects to a different set of organs which affects your emotions, (taken directly from their pamphlet):

Thumb: Stomach, spleen, skin surface, absorption and digestion of food. Emotional: calms the nerves and eases worry.

Index finger: Kidneys, bladder, muscles, circulatory systems. Emotional: induces feelings of peace, increases flexibility of thoughts.

Middle finger (haha): Liver, gall bladder, haematopoiesis, detoxification, conversion of nutrients. Emotions: reduces bursts of anger, brings harmony to your emotions.

Ring finger: Lungs, large intestine, deeper layer of the skin, respiratory system. Promotes vitality and energy. Emotional: helps with feelings of loss or grief, assists with the process of letting go.

Little finger: Bone structure, heart, small intestine. Emotions: magnifies your intuition and stimulates inspiration and inner wisdom.

So, needless to say, I will not be taking this ring off even for one second…except when I’m sleeping because if you stop rolling it up and down, it will leave very nice indentations on your skin. That just means it hugs you tight and does a great job of targeting all of your finger muscles. My only question so far is if they can make one for my entire arm? I won’t push it ;).

Special Delivery

20160810_102753-1I ALSO received a lovely parcel from their head office containing the very product I was not allowed to sample when I was in-store, the Immune roll on! I just opened it and tried it by dabbing a bit on the very spot my canker was and rolling some on my chest, which is supposed to help with respiration (and coughs).

I’m definitely breathing a lot easier than I was a few weeks ago!

Thanks, Saje, you have truly redeemed yourself in my eyes and represented your company values through my subsequent in-store experiences and follow through.

Now, I feel free to explore everything else you have to offer!