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It is no lie, I am besotted with you #Rio2016. Despite all of the negative publicity, which I fully fed into…and continue to do so, I’ve gotta hand it to you. The sheer energy of this Olympics was one of the best I have ever witnessed.

These were the most enjoyable Olympics to watch for me, ever…first it was diving, and then it was men’s (Jo Schooling and Michael Phelps) and women’s swimming (Penny Oleksiak and Katie Ledecky), then Simone Biles took to the floor at the Vault competition – and I was like WHA? This girl showed up to pretty much EVERY competition and RUINED it for EVERYBODY. The top three were knocked about so much so that their (Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland, specifically) tears of impending joy quickly reverted back into their eye sockets and re-emerged as tears of despair. Some commented that it was the height of her jumps, always a meter higher than the competition, while others said it was her POWER. And the naysayers dismissed her as less graceful than the competition (Aliya Mustafina of Russia)…but I beg to differ.

The girl is pure MAGIC.

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Every move she made, whether it be on the Floor Exercise or in the Vault Competition, was as precise as the sharpest blade. Her smile was nothing less than dazzling, along with her accompanying charm. Don’t dismiss her as a compact powerhouse of iron muscle just because of that Tide Pods commercial (I kid) but because, seriously, she is much more than that. There were other competitors (Teammate, Aly Raisman) whose movements were just as precise (and powerful, if you will) but they did not have the movement or stealth of Simone.

Whether she was tucking her right foot behind her left ankle before taking off, or making her introductory stance – it was done with SUCH precision and excellence.

The sight of Simone is quite simply a cut above the rest. Our eyes feasted on her excellence and that is precisely why she has become one of the most decorated Olympians of all time.

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I’m sad it’s over! But at least I’ve still got Usain to look forward to in the men’s 200 meter Semi-finals (and Finals, of course)!


Note: Article edited for grammar and spelling on 17.08.16