is what I just said to a sales person working in the local SoftMoc store….here’s why:

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My Birki’s

I purchased (my first ever) pair of Birkenstocks about a month ago, only to find a bit of the glue on either side of both shoes, had begun peeling a bit. Other than that, the shoes are beautiful, of course. It was explained to me at the time of purchase that the glue has a tendency to peel as a result of wear and tear and they were trying to up sell me at the register – a common practice that most of us are aware of.

Search Your Feelings

But, not in a dark side sort of way, but rather a proactive and productive way, and that is exactly what I did. I thought “Hmmm…now I DO know that the store had recommended that I buy the repair glue product from the jump – preempting the peeling glue. But did this serve as a valid disclaimer for the fact that my brand new (and not cheap) shoes came OUT OF THE BOX like that? I felt not.

I FINALLY went into the store a month later, because it is easy to forget that the corners of my shoes are peeling and I need to talk to the store who sold them to me. I got bigger problems to worry about. But when I finally did go in, I was IMMEDIATELY told that the glue has a tendency to peel, which is why they suggest the repair product at time of purchase.

SO, I searched my feelings, and felt that this reply did not sit well with me so there must’ve been a reason. And that’s when my honesty and openness – and lack of a filter came in handy – and I EXPRESSED my feeling. I told the sales person that these shoes have a reputation for lasting a VERY long time. I know this because my brother has a pair that he bought 7 years ago, and worn and torn across the globe, and still wears to this day. I also said that it is one thing for the glue to peel as a result of wear and tear but another thing ENTIRELY for them to come out of the box like that. And because I was a bit worked up at that point, I added the fact the style I bought wasn’t exactly on sale either and at the higher end of their line…further solidifying my OUT OF THE BOX argument.

Great Customer Service

This was not only my first purchase of Birkenstocks but also from the SoftMoc store, so I really did not know what to expect in terms of their standard of customer service. I hoped it would be high based on the fact that they sell quality foot wear…but I’ve been disappointed before…

Not this time.

The associate either saw the light or just defaulted to the “customer is always right” policy because she accepted my argument and offered to repair the shoes. It should be noted that she also offered me an in-store credit and even an exchange, but I was not interested in that. I like my shoes and bought them for a reason, and they were bloody painful to break in. So, “no thank you”, I replied, and thanked her for her “great customer service”.

I also just got the call that my shoes have been repaired and are ready to be picked up :).