Even though the buzz, for me personally, is brimming for TIFF right now as I’ve been watching some amazing trailers; I have a few opinions I’d like to share first about recently past and current events. We will get to TIFF next week, (and the opening of the new Rudsak Store) I’m sure, and I may even grab some exclusive content from a live event for you as well…stay tuned. But, today, I want to share my opinion about a couple of, what I found to be, surprising posts by YouTube Sensation, Lilly Singh to her younger fan base.

Success, According to Lilly



I love Lilly Singh as much as the next person with a sense of humour, and find her YouTube vids to be HILARIOUS and often laugh about certain scenes and characters long after viewing them. She’s hysterical, talented, self-made and pretty damn cool! She is also spot on about some of her viewpoints and perspectives about the trials and tribulations of teen life! I love her. Why am I telling you this, you might wonder? Well…it’s because I have ALSO found a couple of posts on both her YouTube and Instagram to be…well…condescending and I wanted to share on it. Of course.

I always look into my own feeling about a situation or experience and tend to trust it because it usually leads somewhere, whether that is understanding or perception. My feelings don’t usually fail me and help to unearth some truth or perspective, if I’m lucky.

I may be totally off here, but let’s go anyway…I subscribe to Lilly’s YouTube channel – for my own entertainment! And I recently saw a video that she posted, which was entitled “5 Reasons you WILL Succeed”. It was not her usual fare, which peaked my curiosity so I watched it. In the video, Lilly talks very enthusiastically about the 5 reasons why you SHOULD succeed pointing to the Internet as an endless vault of information. She then said something along the lines of EVERY LITTLE THING YOU SHOULD EVER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANY TASK YOU HAVE IS ON THE INTERNET, SO HOW COULD YOU NOT SUCCEED??

Wow. I found that to be TOTALLY condescending and ignorant of the fact that, unlike her who is on top of the world right now and feeling greatly confident about her life – not everyone else is. There are other obstacles that people might face in achieving their goals or successfully completing the tasks that have nothing to do with information.

I feel like I know where she is coming from, because we’ve all been there where everything is going your way and all doors are open to you, so you wonder HOW you could ever have doubts about yourself. And then, life takes you for a loop and you gain wisdom and maturity AND realise that you DIDN’T know everything in your 20s…regardless of how successful or intelligent you were. I feel like Lilly is engaging in one-way and top-down communication and from her own perspective of success, fame and wealth.

Your World, According to Lilly

Screenshot (107)

  • It’s naive to think that you are a well-rounded person if you’ve only ever experienced the world from your house, with your family and in your city.
  • What you know is very little compared to all that is actually out there
  • (You should be) astonished and embarrassed by (your) own ignorance
  • Everything you think is the standard, is actually just an opinion


Wow, really? What if these kids don’t have the money to travel? Or are afraid of air planes? Oh right, there will be some information on the internet to address that or cure their ailment. I mean, I really cannot believe how GREEN her behaviour is. It’s great to be open with your fans and share your journey with them – but for God’s sake, who are you to tell them that unless they jet set around the world (like you do now) they just have NO idea about how the world works. Aren’t these things that people usually DON’T say to others? And if you are encouraging people to travel, then are you also creating an organisation that can help them to do that? What if they are newly landed Syrian Refugees and cannot leave the country for two years? Do you want them to feel like sh** until they get their papers and CAN travel? And even then, what if they don’t have the means to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to motivate others (which is what she’s probably trying to do) but she is doing it from an ARROGANT standpoint, if you ask me. And it wasn’t just the YouTube Video, I was able to let that go…until I saw an Instagram post by the jet setting super star about the need to travel. If you pay any attention to what she does, you will pick up that she travels quite a bit. I barely pay attention to what she is doing (that is not meant as a diss) and KNOW that she has flown to Toronto, Brazil, and Africa within the space of a month…if not more places. So, obviously that is another door that has blown wide open for her, as a result of her well-earned success. But does she remember how she felt before reaching success and when she was a struggling YouTuber or whatever else she tried her hand at? It doesn’t seem so, because as much as she may be on a beautiful journey right now (which is GREAT – don’t get me wrong)…WHY oh WHY is she telling her fans that UNLESS they get up and get out of the towns they live in with their parents and actually SEE the world outside their small little window, they will remain in a NAIVE state.

My GOD, Lilly, not EVERYONE is a millionaire or a YouTube star so, as much as your enthusiasm is (kind of) endearing, you need to have some chill.

But keep up the great work that you are doing, and growing as a person and a humanitarian:

Excerpt from Lilly Singh’s Instagram Account

Being a well-rounded individual is admirable. It means you have many skills, adapt well to situations; your shape resembles a pizza. What’s not to love? But it’s naive to think that you are a well-rounded person if you’ve only ever experienced the world from your house, with your family and in your city. What you know is very little compared to all that is actually out there in different places, occupied by different people, who are submersed in a completely different culture. I believe that wisdom is a passport full of stamps. Every single time I’ve traveled, I’ve been both astonished and embarrassed by my own ignorance, but I’ve also realized it’s not completely my fault! I’ve been taught certain things throughout my life that I’ve labeled as “normal” and so have you. Traveling is the best way to discover that “normal” is subjective and everything you think is the standard, is actually just an opinion. For example, did you know it’s illegal to sell gum in Singapore? Did you know in the Rastafarian religion, make up on girls is considered unattractive? Yeah. Imagine never having to wing your liner because THAT is the hot thing to do. Sign me up. Twice.

The world is a classroom and you should make every effort to attend as many classes as possible. I highly encourage you to save up a little every month and put that money towards travelling to new places and learning new things. Let the globe burst your bubble, disrupt your sense of reality put your learned thought-process to the test. Personally, travelling has helped me be less judgemental, open to new ideas & a really great story teller because who doesn’t want to hear about how awesome the Pad Thai is in Thailand?! No one. The answer is no one. If people don’t want to hear about food, they’re bad friends…and probably robots.

Having said that, I’ve decided to travel as much as possible before the manuscript for my book is due. I’ll be writing the rest of my book in Italy, Toronto, Brazil, Kenya and Singapore (while chewing NO gum). You can pre-order my debut book “How To Be a Bawse” right now at LillySinghBook.com or by clicking the link in my bio. Tag 3 friends you want to travel with! #BawseBook