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The OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) have officially launched the “Lock It Or Lose It” campaign as of Dec. 7 to prevent theft from vehicles. The growing epidemic affects commercial and residential areas, can be quelled by following safety tips like not leaving purchased gifts in your car.

The province-wide initiative and protect car owners from being victimized, particularly during the high traffic holiday season. Other tips include the obvious locking of your car, and parking in a spot that is observable and not hidden from public view.

The OPP also recommend carrying your purchases around with you or at least concealing them if they have to be temporarily stored in your car.

“South Simcoe Police remind you that leaving purchased gifts in your car while continuing to shop is an invitation to thieves. Even a locked car is no obstacle when items are on display,” read a statement from the OPP.

Police officers will also be surveying shopping malls, parking and commuter lots throughout the holiday season.


“Stop crime before it starts. Deny thieves the opportunity to make you a victim,” says the OPP.

For information, visit: www.opp.ca