York Regional Police  (YRP) is holding a motorcycle safety event on the heels of winter, that usually brings with it lots of debris and salt left over from the snow. This means more obstacles on the road and even greater risks for two-wheeled drivers.

Constable Dan St. Amand, who himself was involved in a collision on his personal bike in 2015, will be sharing his experience at the event. YRP officers will also be on hand to offer safety tips for bikes and cars alike.

Clinton Smout from Yamaha Adventures will add to that with additional safety and riding tips while YRP officers take their annual motorcycle qualifications. The exam is taking place on both a closed pylon course and during patrol driving on public roads.

Some of the items to be covered include wearing an approved safety helmet and protective glasses and being mindful of the fact that most riding skills diminish during winter.

Other tips include:

  • wearing reflective materials to remain visible at all times
  • checking blind spots twice
  • reducing your speed with down-shifting
  • approaching intersections slowly

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