The owner of Charity – the cow shaped sculpture that sits raised up high in the middle of Cathedral Town, Markham – has agreed to take her back. The City of Markham agreed to remove the cow after an outcry by local residents following its installation along Charity Cres. July 2017.

Helen Roman-Barber initially launched a $4 million dollar lawsuit ($3m for property damages and $1m for general damages) against the city in April 2018. It seems that since then, she has had a change of heart and agreed to take the cow back into possession.

Read the statement issued by the City of Markham, May 2:

“The City of Markham has successfully opposed a motion for an injunction that would have stopped the City from removing or relocating the sculpture “Charity” from its current location in Cathedraltown.  Following the release of the court’s injunction decision, the Donor has agreed to accept the return of the sculpture to the Donor.   The City of Markham is working on removing the sculpture as soon as reasonably possible with the assistance of a contractor. The City will arrange for security personnel and by-law patrols to ensure the safety of residents and workers. The City of Markham has not yet confirmed when this work will take place.”

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