Residents of Simcoe County can relieve their overcrowded closets by recycling their unwanted clothing through the new curbside collection program.

“Do you have used textiles that can’t be passed on? Fashion doesn’t expire, nor does it belong in the garbage”, read a statement from the County who will divert them to landfills.

The county will be split into two zones during the nearly month long collection, with residents of Zone 1 having their unwanted items picked up June 11 – 15. Zone 2 residents will ave a little more time to get their garments organized and ready for pick up June 18-22.

Textile collection bags will be delivered to homes via Canada Post in May and any additional clothing items should be kept in clear plastic bags.

“Look for your pink collection bag in the mail and help us recycle textiles and keep these materials out of our landfills,” said Warden Gerry Marshall. “We’ve experienced tremendous participation rates with our curbside battery collection program and we’re hopeful this convenient new option will have similar results.”

Acceptable textile materials:

· Used clean clothing and undergarments

· Towels and linens (pillows)

· Coats and outerwear

· Hats, belts and scarves

· Purses, backpacks, sleeping bags and luggage

· Socks, mittens and shoes in pairs (hold together with elastic)

It’s best to donate reusable clothing where possible, including garments with stains, tears or broken zippers. Anything that is not re-usable will be made into rags and fill.

Quick Facts:

· The average person discards 37 kgs. of textiles a year, contributing to 11,000 plus tonnes of textiles county wide

· Eighty-five per cent of unwanted textiles end up in landfill

· Textiles are bringing landfills to capacity and have a lengthy decomposition process

· Ninety-eight per cent of discarded textiles are re-useable

For information and exact timings, visit

(Image:Textile collection bag to be delivered to homes via Canada Post in May)