Local dentist, Dr. Jesse Chai opened his doors for one day on May 25 to provide free basic dental care to the community.  Local residents received free basic dental care adding up to over $22,700 during the event.

It was only eight years ago when Dr. Chai has opened the Bradford Family Dentistry clinic serving the community of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

Since then, he has signed up for the Dentistry from the Heart program, which started south of the border in Florida. Dr. Chai helped 80 patients this year alone by offering just one day of free services to those who cannot afford dental care.

Not everyone qualifies under the Healthy Smiles Ontario initiative that offers children under the ages of 17 free dental care and are at risk of common dental illnesses.

These include gum disease and tooth decay that affects anyone who allows bacteria to form in their mouth and can be very serious if untreated. Other serious health issues associated with a lack of adequate dental care include periodontal disease that is linked to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, kidney and liver issues, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

The line ups began forming in the wee hours on May 25th, with with local residents from Bradford West Gwillimbury and Simcoe County showing up as early as 2:00 am.

This is a testament to the gap that exists in access to dental care in our communities.

(Image taken from Facebook)