“Don’t be blinded by the light,” says the Peel Regional Police who are warning drivers against momentary blindness while driving.

The benefits of the sun are, undoubtedly, endless with the warmth and light it provides. It can also, however, be dangerous which is something most of us are aware of.

Not only is the sun dangerous to stare at directly for any period of time, but it can also eclipse your sight while driving. This causes a driver to not see a red light or even a moving vehicle crossing the intersection that they are approaching.

A statement issued by the Peel Regional Police on Sun and vision safety while driving, reads as follows:

“You have to take special care while driving that you do not get temporarily blinded by the sun. That fleeting moment of blindness while driving could cause an accident. It is a good idea to wear sunglasses and use that car sun visor to make sure that while driving on a beautiful sunny day that you do it safely.”

For information, visit: www.peelpolice.ca/en/safety-tips/road-safety