The City of Mississauga is joining the fight for plastics to be banned by doing what municipalities do best and passing a motion June 20. It calls on Team Trudeau to create and implement a national strategy to minimize plastics pollution, which has become a disturbing epidemic around the world.

The motion also states that the plastics industry in Canadian plans to make all plastic packaging recyclable or recoverable by 2030, while diverting them entirely from landfills by 2040.

Among the most hard hit areas hit by the influx of plastic garbage, is our oceans that have become so badly infested by plastics that they have formed an artificial island During the 44th G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada was joined by four nations in embracing the Ocean Plastics Charter, aiming to prevent single-use plastics like bottles, cups and bags from entering our oceans.

Check out the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for more info.

“Every year, more than 22 million tonnes of plastics find their way into the Great Lakes – our most precious natural resource and our main source of drinking water,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “City Council continues to demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship; from passing a resolution to restrict microbeads in 2015 to today’s motion that urges the federal government to develop a strategy to reduce single-use plastics, it’s clear that we are committed to building a sustainable city. By also making small changes to help reduce our plastic consumption as a City, we are demonstrating that all levels of government have an important role to play in addressing this global issue.”

The motion also commits the City of Mississauga to the following:

· Make every effort to educate and promote the reduction of waste to all staff, with a focus on single-use plastic

· Reduce the use of non-recyclable, single-use plastics from use/purchase within internal operations, where feasible

· Work with the Region of Peel to champion the City’s single-use plastic waste reduction initiatives at City facilities

The City’s commitment to sustainability has also been fleshed out in their Strategic Plan and Living Green Master Plan. They are currently working on a Climate Change Action Plan which they are encouraging input from the public for.

“We’re a municipality within the Great Lakes Region, where Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for our residents,” said Ward 8 Councillor Matt Mahoney, Chair of Mississauga’s Environmental Advisory Committee. “We value our shared responsibility to protect the health of our oceans from plastic pollution and to lead responsible approaches here locally for a resilient, low carbon future.”