Environment Canada put the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and parts of Southern Ontario under a severe thunderstorm just hours before it happened, yesterday. This included torrential rain, lightning and menacing storms.

Many would have welcomed the much needed rain, as the trees and grass on many a front lawn and back yard were absolutely parched. But, as always, a storm like yesterdays brings mixed blessing as it also meant that flights going out of Pearson International Airport had to be cancelled.

“Given the high heat and humidity, a few of these thunderstorms could be intense resulting in localized torrential downpours,” said the weather statement from Environment Canada (derived from the CBC).

Hamilton, Barrie, York Region and Durham were also affected by the storm that, by dinner time, caused numerous trees and hydro wires to fall. This left thousands of Ontarians without power, while contending with up to 50 mm of rain and 90 km per hour winds.

See the article in CBC Toronto for additional info and images.