Whether it’s the Huron-Wendat, Seneca, Mississsauga or even earlier settlements; indigenous roots run far and wide throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Despite the fact that there hasn’t been any evidence found of the Clovis people from 11000 BC; a fluted clovis stone has surfaced in Markham’s Rouge River. The prehistoric people’s tools were first excavated in the 1920s south of the border in New Mexico, United States.

Another interesting find in and around the GTA is the Mantle Site in Whitchurch-Stouffville, a village spanning three-hectares, first discovered in 2003. Over 100,000 artifacts were discovered, including nearly two-dozen ceramic vessels and mythological sculptures in the 18,000 person community. Several artifacts from the Mantle Site are being housed at the Canadian Museum of History.

Read the article in the Toronto Star.

(Image taken from Facebook: Mantle site artifact currently on display at the Canadian Museum of History)