The Ontario Provincial Police’s “Move Over” campaign had minimal (if any) impact on poor driving behaviours with the number of road incidents rising.

The Civic Day Long Weekend saw several deaths as a result of road incidents, according to a report by the OPP. Two of the six deaths that occurred were of children aged three and six.

This is the highest number of fatalities incurred on OPP-patrolled roads since the long weekend in August 2011.

Both girls were struck by large vehicles; a pick-up truck Lambton County and transport truck in Caledon respectively. Other victims were involved in motorcycle crashes on Highway 427 and dangerous road behaviours like driving the wrong way down the 404 (south).

The OPP charged 511 Move Over charges during the four-day campaign, an increase of 8% from the 2017 long weekend that saw 413 charges laid.

Traffic related charges went down from 8,781 in 2017 to 8,566 this year which included 136 street racing and stunt driving offences. This is also an increase from 2017, which saw 127 charges laid for street racing and stunt driving up to 50km over the speed limit.

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