It’s that time of year, again, when the Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) Board of Directors are seeking new blood to join it’s ranks. The current term starts in June of next year and will welcome the input of newly appointed members of the community.

The volunteer positions are usually given to local leaders, business owners, and medical professionals who are tasked with guiding community development.

This includes voting on specific hospital issues, attending board meetings and rounding up 10 hours every month in various committees. 

Beginning in June of 2019, the term lasts for one year and is a volunteer position. The board is comprised of business leaders, community members and medical personal and its role is to advise and direct hospital matters with the goal of making sure MSH remains a progressive community hospital.

New board members are expected to commit to 10 hours each month for hospital business including attending board and committee meetings.

MSH prides itself on being an “innovative, diverse and welcoming workplace” with over 1000 volunteers already on board.  

According to the MSH website, they are seeking candidates who bring auditing, redevelopment, legal, PR and communications skills to the table. They are, however, open to adding to the list.

You also have to either live, work or own a business in Markham, Stouffville or Uxbridge.

For information, visit their website.

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