Imagine walking into your house, that sits on a tree lined street, just after lunchtime to see that you’ve been robbed in broad daylight. That is exactly what happened Oct. 18, 2018 when local homeowners discovered that their home was broken into and their valuables, like jewelry were missing.

It was at that point the investigation by #2 District Criminal Investigations Bureau began on the 29-year-old Toronto man found with $100,000 in stolen property. Not all of it originates from the Markham robbery, as similar robberies, and methods of entry occurred in Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Toronto. The crimes took place between July 3, 2018 – January 2, 2019.

Georgii Gagnidze has been charged in connection with 9 incidents of Break and Enter, suspected of accessing homes by prying open windows. Interviews with neighbours who had been robbed on the same street led police to this discovery.

Officers executed a search warrant January 22, when they arrested Gagnidze at his home in Toronto. That doesn’t mean that the investigation is over, as owners still need to be reunited with their valuables, and anyone with information is urged to visit:

Prying windows open was the modus operandi here, but criminals are always coming up with new tricks. It was the neighbour interviews that led to a connection between incidents across York Region, and remaining vigilante is the key to preventing further crime.

In the meantime, Gagnidze is being held in custody and set to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Newmarket Jan. 23. You can click HERE to discover tips on how to protect your home from being broken into.

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