Expect an increase in your property taxes following a regional council vote Feb. 28. The Regional Municipality of York’s 3.37% planned increase will pay for over 50 new police officers, and over 10 new paramedics. Nearly half of the policing costs will be applied to cannabis regulation.

It doesn’t stop there, as an additional 1% will be added to the property tax increase, to expedite road construction work.

While property owners can expect to see an increase on the regional portion of their tax bill, local municipalities and the school board will remain unchanged.

The region has been successful in reducing, as opposed to increasing, their debt in the past two years from $2.9 billion to $2.7 billion. Their current operating expenses stand at $2.3 billion.

Regional council will also pass a four-year budget that, seeking tax increases of 2.96 per cent over the next three years. This is with an additional 1% for any remaining road construction work.

(Image is for artistic, not factual, purposes and taken from www.york.ca)