Not often do you hear about a store owner being physically assaulted, as the result of an argument, but it happened at Pacific Mall.

Crime Stoppers issued a media release today asking for anyone with information about the Jan. 5 incident to contact them. The suspects, a male and female (pictured) in their 20s, are described as having light brown and brown complexions.

It is not known whether the incident of extreme violence was drug, gang, or race related – or none of the above. According to a statement issued by police, the suspects visited the ‘League of Vapes’ at approx. 4:46 p.m.

There, they began arguing with staff only for the male suspect to start ‘throwing punches’ and the female suspect striking the victim with an ‘object. Official descriptions of the assailants are as follows:

  • Male, light brown complexion, early 20’s, slim build, afro hairstyle with sideburns, moustache, wearing black hoodie with ‘Levis’ in red lettering and grey sweatpants;
  • Female, brown skin, early 20’s, average build, short black hair, wearing a red hoodie.

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $2000.00 for anyone with information that helps solve the case in a bid to “BREAK THE SILENCE” and “speak up for a safe community.”