York Regional Police (YRP) are suspecting 25-year-old Solomon Jaffri of abducting his five year old daughter, Jannah Jaffri this afternoon.

The pair were seen leaving Armadale Public School at 11 Coppard Avenue at around 3:00 p.m. School staff members called the police, shortly after the incident occurred, to report that the girl was taken from her classroom.

Solomon Jaffir is suspected of kidnapping his estranged 5-year-old daughter from her classroom at Armadale Pubic School this afternoon

Jaffri, who is not supposed to have access to his child, is described as being 6’1″, average build with brown skin and a “Jannah” tattoo on his right arm.

Little Jannah was last seen wearing a pink sweater, white tank top, grey leggings, navy blue coat and carrying a sparkly white unicorn backpack. She is 4′ feet tall with light brown, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

This incident is a chilling reminder of the Valentine’s Day abduction and murder in Brampton of little Riya Rajkumar by her father. The question is how we can work together as a community to prevent such incidents from occurring.

It is a parents obligation to send their children to school, so we must ensure that they are protected while there.

The YRP are urging anyone with information to contact them at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7008