Written by, Nithi Pirithiviraja

Mayor, Frank Scarpitti tweeted the following in light of the newly announced changes:

“Great news! New midday weekday GO Train service will be extended to three stations in Markham. I pushed to reinstate train service with the previous provincial government after it was diminished and replaced with bus service.” 

What does it mean for Markham when GO Train service in Toronto and the Hamilton Area are expanding?

 Jeff Yurek (Minister of Transportation) has mentioned that we “get more options” as of April 8th 2019.

Midday weekday GO Train services from the Stouffville line will extend to three stations in Markham. Transportation improvements include:

  • Five midday trips in each direction along the Stouffville GO line will serve Centennial, Markham and Mount Joy GO stations from Monday to Friday.

Minister Yurek says, “our government is committed to improving the transit experience to make commutes shorter and relieve congestion so that Ontarians can spend more time doing what matters- being with their family, friends or spending time at work.”

“Our province deserves a world-class transportation system that gets both the people and the economy moving.” “building a quality transit system signals that the GTHA is open for business and open for jobs,” says Minister Yurek.

“We’re making life easier for residents of Markham, Brampton and Etobicoke,” adds Yurek.

Extensions on Yonge North

The province is pushing for the planning of a 7.4-kilometre extension of Line 1 to Richmond Hill “in parallel” with relief line efforts. The City of Toronto (City) and Toronto Transit Officials are unwavering in that it opens before the Yonge extension does.

The argument is that an extension will only add to the pile up of commuters already on the congested Line 1. An alternative route is needed and a ready relief line is the only way to go.

City Manager, Chris Murray stated this past week in front of council that; “We’ve been very clear that if there’s an order to these projects that the Yonge extension would not be a first priority.”

Minister Yurek also shared that sentiment originally but would not commit to that following the recent announcement. His Director of Communications made the following statement this past week:

“Both the downtown relief line and the Yonge North extension can be built in parallel. Our government will work to ensure that this is done in a way that addresses congestion,” wrote Mike Winterburn.

Toronto councillors are steadfast that province’s proposal will only add to the already existent delays.

For information, visit the Ministry of Transportation.

(Image taken from TTC)