April 7 – 13 is National Volunteer Week and the city is honouring our community with the following message:

Volunteering gives people a lift. Whether you are helping someone learn to read, play a sport, helping with a community activity or event, you are lifting the spirits, confidence and abilities of people in our city.

Volunteering also gives volunteers a lift. When we volunteer, our spirits are lifted when we have the opportunity to work with others. We gain a sense of purpose, experience and success in helping us getting a job or into a competitive school program, or simply making a difference in the lives of others.

The image of colorful hot air balloons, reflects the diversity of community volunteers. It illustrates that when people volunteer together, the sky is the limit, in terms of what they can achieve.

The City of Markham wishes you a happy National Volunteer Week 2019 and thank you for your continued involvement!