She’s a poet and she knows it.

Meenakshi Raina, the local author responsible for the already released novel Kashmiri Pandit, has now realised her childhood dream. She has released her first collection of poetry, Far In The Meadows; a culmination of her passion for English and Hindi poems.

There are 90 poems in total that adhere to three key subject matter – Love, Life and Longing.

Her Indo-Canadian roots stem from a childhood in the Kashmir Valley and young adulthood, and formal education, in Jammu.

Readers can look forward to a roller-coaster ride, according to Raina who has brought her passion for emotional stories from the east and west.

Raina moved to Canada in 2001 and currently lives with her husband in Markham. 

She migrated to Canada in 2001, and lives with her husband in Toronto. Since childhood, writing poems has been her passion in both Hindi and English.

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