Written by, John Ly

On May 4, Mayor Frank Scarpitti (pictured), council and city staff gathered with family, friends and community members near and dear to Gordon Stollery. MPP Logan Kanapathi and Deputy Mayor, Don Hamilton were also on hand as war and Gordon Stollery’s eldest daughter Cailey Stoller sharing many laughs, remarkable memories, and gifts.

They were all gathered to honor Gordon Stollery, one of Canada’s most successful businessmen, the former president of Angus Glen Golf Club and developer of Angus Glen community.

Gordon, graduated in civil engineering from Princeton University, and held a Master’s of Science, Geology from the University of Toronto (U of T). With a strong interest in the field, he formed several energy companies in the Alberta oil fields. He was also a strong civic leader chairing in basin analysis and petroleum geology at the U of T.

Angus Glen Golf Club was built in 1992 by Gordon’s father, Arthur Stollery, who purchased the rolling farmland near Kennedy Road and Major MacKenzie Drive. Arthur passed away in 1994 and Gordon took over the project as CEO and co-owner with his sister to complete what their father has started.

Angus Glen Golf Club officially opened to the public in 1995, the same year that Golf Digest magazine ranked the golf club as the Best New Course in Canada. Over the years, Angus Glen Golf Club has seen much success and held some of biggest professional golf tournaments in Canada including hosting two Canadian Opens in 2002 and 2007.

In 1996 Gordon took his father’s vision one step further by building a community around the Angus Glen Golf Club. During the expansion of the residential area, Angus Glen acquired Kylemore Homes.

Gordon was an active and respected member of many professional organizations, including the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada. His contributions to the business community were recognized with several awards acknowledging his activities in energy production, entrepreneurship, and management.

You can visit The Gordon Stollery Park, which contains a playground, splash pad, skateboard park, basketball court and a soccer field located on the north side of Angus Glen Community Centre & Library.